You can play this game alone or in pairs. It is a very entertaining game! It consists in copying a figure using magnetic shapes of different colours and sizes sticking them on the magnetic painting. It works your cognitive areas of attention and orientation at the same time it stimulates your memory and creativity.

Basic information


Pixels game consists in copying a figure using magnetic shapes of different colours sticking them on the magnetic board.

Pixels game


The aim is to develop the visual-construction domain.

The player can improve the following areas:


The game will last around 20 minutes.


Pixels XL Therapy program costs 54.90€


Pixels XL Therapy program


The instructions are not available in English at the moment.



Participants’ profile:

  • Dementia level: the game can be played by users from mild to moderate dementia level.
  • Physical requirements: finger dexterity.

Material and requirements

Materials required to play the game:

  • Magnetic board.
  • Pixels XL
  • Figure sheets

pixels pieces pixels

Environment considerations:

  • Good lighting levels.
  • A quiet room.

Support needed

The professional/relative can:

  • Explain the instructions.
  • Show an example.
  • Supervise and help the users.

Starting point:

The professional/relative should stick the reference figure on one side of the magnetic painting and stick the different coloured pixels on another side.


First of all the professional has to show the player the figure and explain what they are going to do. Then the player has to copy the figure using the coloured pixels by sticking them on the magnetic board.

Watch the following video to see an example:

Additional information

Variants of the game:

Another way to play this game is changing the colours that appear on the figure telling them what other colours to use. For example if the figure has red, blue and white colours the professional/relative tells the player to use green instead of blue. In addition, when the figure is black the professional could encourage them to use bright colours.

Alternative games:

Possible do it yourself option: Pixels can be made from paper or other materials and painted in optional colours.

Other similar games:

Djeco – Ze Geoanimo Blocks

Tangram free game online:


How to make a set of tangrams please see:


  • Time needed to complete the figure
  • Hits and misses

The Pixels XL Therapy program has tests mini assessments, evaluation sheets and user monitoring systems.

Notes / observations

The figures are divided in three levels depending on the cognitive deterioration stage of the player.

Practical activities

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