Using the AdGaming platform is very easy!

You can learn easily by yourself. Nevertheless, at this section you will find some video-tutorials to train you in the use of the most common features.

Navigate through the platform. 

Adgaming has 4 main menus:

  • General materials with information about serious games for people with dementia and the main cognitive dimensions that can be used with serious games;
  • Search games that allows you to find specific games addressed for people with dementia;
  • Help/Tutorials (this page) ; and the
  • Collaborative Workspace that is a Forum where registered users can leave comments, ask questions or start discussions about games, activities, etc.

Access to the general materials

“General materials”  include very useful information grouped in different sections:

  • Serious games and Alzheimer: explains what the serious games are and which are the benefits and barriers for using them with people with dementia.
  • Cognitive Dimensions: The games proposed at the AD-GAMING platform are specifically selected to work with one or more of main cognitive dimensions. Here you can find information about them.
  • Recommendations on how to use serious games with people with dementia.

Search games

The main AdGaming materials are the games. The first thing that you have to do is finding the best game. To do that you can search the games included at our platform using four search criteria:

  • The cognitive dimension useful to work with the user.
  • The number of players.
  • The type of game.

Additionally you can filter the results by games that are traditional (physical) or ICT (computer or mobile based).

Navigate through the games

Once you select the game, you will find a lot of information about the game:

  • An introduction
  • Basic information (definition, objectives, duration, cost…)
  • Development: explaining in detail how to play.
  • Additional information: variants, alternatives, assesment…
  • Practical activities: examples playing the game

Use the forum

(Only for registered users). At the forum you can create discussions about the games: how to play, share examples, post doubts, etc.