Maze games

You can play one of your favourite paper-and-pencil games online! A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal. Mazes are printed or drawn on paper to be followed by a pencil or fingertip players enter at one spot and exit at another. You can use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to move. How quickly can you escape and come out victorious?

Basic information


maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal. Mazes are printed or drawn on paper to be followed by a pencil or fingertip Players enter at one spot  and exit at another.

Maze game Maze game


Maze solving is the act of finding a route through the maze from the start to finish.

Areas and dimensions that can be improved with this game:


Mean/recommended duration

Duration depends on the complexity of maze. One session will be normally quite short (1 to 5 minutes). This can be enlarged adding more complex mazes or incentives for speed solving.


  • ICT version: free in many websites
  • Pencil &paper: free


General explanation:

Background material: download link:



Participants’ profile:

  • Dementia level: game can be adjusted to match mild to moderate dementia levels.
  • Physical requirements:
    • Not high in general. For highly limited users, the game can be played using an assistant that follows the user’s instructions.
    • For physical card games: good functionality at arms and hands (it will be more or less exigent depending on the card’s shape)
    • For computer games: the ability to use a mouse
    • For mobile/tablet games: basic functionality of arms and fingers. Consider the size of the device (higher requirements if played on a mobile phone than on a tablet).

Number of participants:

  • This game can be played as individual, pairs, group cooperative and group competitive

Material and requirements

Materials needed to develop the game:

  • In general:
    • A table or other similar horizontal surface
    • A chair would also be needed
  • Physical game: paper and pencil
  • ICT game: a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Environment considerations:

  • Good lighting levels. Avoid glare.

Support needed

Professionals /caregivers can:

  • Explain the game instructions and their variants
  • Supervise the correct development of the game.
  • Help with the counting / score

For ICT games, they can also help to use the ICT device.

In some cases (for highly physically limited users), they can turn the cards following the user’s instructions.

Starting point:

  • Physical game: prepare the paper with maze and a pencil.
  • ICT game: select the difficulty level



Mazes are printed or drawn on paper to be followed by a pencil or fingertip. The player should enter at one spot  and exit at another.

another maze game Maze



Additional information

Variants of the game:

The maze could be simpler or more complex, depends on the number of rows and columns.

Alternative games:

Wood maze- cost  £27.99

 maze game wood

ICT game: free online maze:


  • Time needed to perform the game
  • Number of mistakes
  • Help needed

Notes / observations

  • Searching on google you can find many possibilities to play this game for free. Search for: “free online maze”.


Practical activity

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