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The goal of the game is to choose the right operation so that the result of the calculation is the one displayed on the screen. The game has the form of a computer. A calculation will appear on your computer screen, and you must choose the right operation using the mouse. The game is timed, so you have to make as many calculations as possible in the shortest time to get more points. Depending on how many calculations you have made correctly and how many mistakes you have, you will get a certain score. If you do well and you have a high score, you could get to the top of the best players.
Brain Tuner is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.x software update.

Basic information


This game is a training of basic math operations – it consists in solving simple equations and finding the correct symbol for each math equation given.

It can be played both in physical (using worksheets) and ICT versions.

Brain tuner play again
Brain tuner “play again”


The objective of the game is to solve 20 basic math exercises – to find the correct symbol for the equations given, as fast as possible. The player will have its score and time displayed on the top of the screen, and can improve it in time.

This game can be very good to improve the following cognitive dimensions:


The duration depends on the capacity of solving the tasks, it usually takes about 10-15 minutes.


  • ICT version: free
  • Physical version: free





Participants’ profile:

  • Dementia level: game can be adjusted to match mild to moderate dementia levels.
  • Physical requirements:
    • Not high in general. For highly limited users, the game can be played using an assistant that follows the user’s instructions.
    • For ICT game: good sight functions and also good functionality at arms and hands

Number of participants:

  • This game can be played as solitaire, in pair (using 2 working sheets / 2 PCs), or in group cooperative (several players trying to find the answers for each equation) or in group competitive (with several work sheets / PCs, and players in competition for winning the game – the fastest to solve the tasks and the most correct answers will win the game)

Material and requirements

  • Materials needed to develop the game:
    • ICT version: PC / laptop
  • Physical version: worksheets, pen/pencil

Environment considerations:

  • Good lighting levels.
  • Avoid glare.
  • Quiet environment, without distractive factors.

Support needed

Professionals / relatives can:

  • Explain the game instructions
  • Supervise the correct development of the game.
  • Help with the counting / score

In some cases (for highly physically limited users), they can write the answers / mark it on computer, following the user’s instructions.

Starting point:

  • ICT version: open the window with the game, and then read the Instructions displayed – ‘Pick up the symbol to complete the equation as quickly as possible’. After this, the player presses the START Button, and the first equation appears on the screen.
  • Physical version: The player starts solving the equations, on worksheets.

This can be done as solitaire or in group.


The 20 equations that will appear on the screen are simple additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. The player have to complete it as fast as possible. The game will not ask to type in math results for equations shown, but to choose the correct missing operator from the four given: plus (+), minus (-), multiply (x), divide (:). The players will select the answer by clicking the appropriate symbol button under the equation.

EXAMPLE: If the equation displayed is “4 ? 2 = 2”, the player should click the “-” (minus) button. The equation then changes to ‚4-2=2’.

The faster the player selects the correct answer, the more points they earn. If s/he answers too slowly, s/he doesn’t get any points even if the answer was correct.

The total score displays in the upper left of the brain tuner window. The elapsed time displays in the upper middle of the game window.

The game is over after the player solved 20 math problems. The player can play the same game again, by clicking the Play Again button in the center of the screen.

The professionals/relatives/players can write down the scores obtained for each game and try to improve it.


Additional information

Variants of the game:

  • Physical game: the game can be played by using worksheets with math equations, and pen/pencils. Results will be written on the paper.
Brain tuner game example
Brain tuner game example
Brain tuner game example
Brain tuner game example
Brain tuner game example
Brain tuner game example
  • Group game: the game can be played in group, in a competitive or collaborative manner, in ICT or physical versions.

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  • Time needed to perform the game
  • Number of mistakes
  • Help needed

Practical activity

We have prepared a activity that you can download here:

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